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For those that aren't too familiar with the Frozen Embryo Transfer (FET) procedure, I can only offer an explanation based on my experience.  After going through In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) about two years ago, my DH and I had two remaining embryos that we had the option to preserve for use in the future, either if the first time wasn't successful or if we just wanted to try for another baby.  We obviously chose to keep them and have them cryopreserved just in case.  Now, since my first pregnancy resulted in miscarriage, we are looking to try again.  This is basically the timeline I'm following but it's not the same for everyone because we all respond differently to the meds so don't fret about the specifics, your doctor will determine what is best for you.  ;-)  So if you are reading this and it's still being updated, wish me luck!!

2/18 Consultation with Dr. R about FET
2/19 CD #1, Surprisingly quick and on time
2/28 CD #9, Sonohysterogram, no abnormalities detected
3/10 CD #20, Blood work, BFN = not pregnant, ok to begin meds
3/12 CD #22, Start 20 units of Lupron 1x a day for 2 weeks
3/24 CD #1, Period begins while on Lupron
3/26 CD #3, Blood work and ultrasound with positive results, decrease Lupron to 10 units and begin Delestrogen at .6 ML bi-weekly
4/2 CD #10, Blood work and ultrasound, same dosages of Lupron and Delestrogen
4/9 CD #17, Blood work an ultrasound, take last shot of Lupron, continue same dosages of Delestrogen and begin Methylprednisolone pills 2x a day and 1/2 of a Progesterone suppository before bed
4/14 CD#22, Transfer day, increasing Progesterone to 1 suppository 2x day, same dosages of Delestrogen and Methylprednisolone
4/18 4DPT, Blood work and cyst check = no cysts detected, Methylprednisolone finished, stop Progesterone suppositories, begin 2 CC daily Progesterone injections due to low results
4/23 9DPT, 1st beta... 

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