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Tuesday, April 15, 2014

CD #22 / TRANSFER (2nd Attempt)

They're here!!  Everything went as successfully as expected once I got to the hospital. This afternoon at around 1pm, I was reunited with my last 2 perfect little embryos.  Those were Dr. R's actual words and I couldn't agree more.

They are perfect; twin celestial bodies of love and light; my worlds of wonder and hope.  Although I do not feel any different than the day before, I am filled with the realization that I have a greater purpose in this lifetime.  Even if I experience the same heartbreak as with my first 2 embabies, I have fulfilled my job as a mother loving and nurturing them the best I could however short our time was. This time the outcome will be different, I feel.  I waited two long years since the last pregnancy to get here but finally my faith is renewed and my strength will not falter to any negativity that may arise.  I am devoted to my 2 embabies with all the love in my heart and humbly pray that this journey lasts for many years to come.  Words can never accurately describe how I feel on this blog, but I know my embabies can feel my love within me and that's all I could really ask for.

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