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Tuesday, April 22, 2014

1.5 WW

I'll begin by confessing that I am one impatient, pregnant until proven otherwise (PUPO) lady.  I caved in and took the pregnancy test today, which revealed a BFN!  I know it's probably too soon but I am going for my first beta test tomorrow, so why not?  I'm not discouraged or upset, so no harm done.  I'll wait for more official results tomorrow.  Lucky for me, it's not a whole 2 weeks of waiting.

This past week was a rollercoaster!  The first 3 days following the transfer were great.  I was home from work, had the love and support of my family who came over to bring food and help out, and celebrated my 31st birthday on Wednesday, April 16!  On the 4th day, however, I had a little scare, well, maybe a big scare.  I was relaxing on the couch after work, when I went to get up for a juice refill.  Just as I tried to stand, my little French bulldog knocked my foot out from under me and I fell face down to the floor.  Before I could even get up, I started crying in fear that I'd hurt my embabies.  It took awhile for my DH to console me and convince me that everything would be ok, but even now I wonder... and pray for their health and well being. 

The next day, I had a cyst check with Dr. R and I told him about the fall, of course.  He reassured me that as long as I don't have any pain or bleeding, he agrees with my DH and I should be fine, but to call the office if I have any other concerns.  He also informed me that my ovaries were fine and there weren't any cysts present.  Later on that afternoon, Jen called to tell me that my progesterone levels were low according to my blood work from that morning and that I should discontinue the progesterone suppositories to immediately begin 2 CC's of progesterone injections daily.  She said I shouldn't be concerned and that on April 23rd I could come in for my first beta test.  Oh, really?!  Who wouldn't be concerned?!  I freaked out (again) but luckily I have my DH who can pretty much talk me off a ledge.  These injections are really painful but I'd do anything for my embabies. 

The weekend brought some fun times as we continued my birthday celebrations at my favorite restaurant Que Pasta on Saturday followed by some drinks a bar, 3 Wise Monks.  Before anyone assumes I had alcohol, I didn't, I only had OJ.  My DH had some beers with his friends, which I personally don't mind because I think it'd be unfair to ask him to give up something that has no effect on me or our embabies whatsoever.  Others might not agree but it doesn't bother me.  The next day, in some ironic twist, I felt as if I'd gotten wasted at the bar.  I was nauseous and my head hurt but I just kept thinking these must be good signs.  Maybe even early pregnancy symptoms!  I'm keeping my head up and hope for the best tomorrow!

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