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Sunday, February 26, 2012

CD #23

I'd forgotten to mention that yesterday I bought my first baby product, as in something that can only be used is I have an actual baby.  Sure, I've purchased stuff for babies before such as lotions or powders but this time I bought it to use in the hopes that I get pregnant.  I told myself that even if I don't have a baby, I could always give it away as a baby shower gift.  Somehow I don't see myself parting from it that easily though.

The item I purchased was a baby sling by Seven Everyday Slings.  I'd seen it on my FB news feed because I follow a page to someone who does extreme couponing.  She posted an offer about the baby sling being free with having to pay only $11.99 for S&H.  It sounded like a good deal so I took my measurement and ordered one.  I wished I could pick out a non neural color design but I have no way of knowing what sex my baby will be until several months from now if the procedure works this cycle.  Clearly I'm being an optimist.

The color I ordered is Caramel Latte.  Isn't it adorable?

Saturday, February 25, 2012

CD #22

I realize it's been a while since I last posted an entry but the past 2 weeks have passed by so quickly.  Let's catch up.

CD #10:  I was feeling pretty crappy, lol.  Not to start off on a bad note but I woke up with a terrible headache that made my eyes sensitive to even the slightest bit of light.  I ended up staying in from work and felt better by the afternoon so my hubby & I went out to buy our Valentine's Day gifts... new RAZR phones.  More practical than romantic but we don't make a big deal about Hallmark holidays anymore.  Just being together is enough for us.
My new purple RAZR.

CD #11:  Valentine's Day.  I was welcomed back at work with what was going to be a written warning for "excessive absences."  Turns out that the days I'd used for a gallbladder surgery last year were being counted against me.  Luckily it got cleared up but I still worried because I'm going to need to use more sick days when I do the retrieval and the embryo transfer.  My manager suggested I call our insurance company to find out about other options.  They informed me that I could apply for intermittent family leave where my job is legally protected if the time off meets their medical criteria.  What a relief!

CD #12:  My hubby & I had our first appointment with his urologist.  He did a quick consult and said that everything looked well and that he'd be working closely with Dr. R to ensure the best results.  After the appointment, we had dinner at a local restaurant we hadn't been to in a long time and shared some memories about our last visit there with someone very special to us who is always in our hearts.

CD #15:  We put on our dancing shoes and hit the big city for a night out of dining and entertainment.  The celebration was for our friend's birthday at the Copacabana in NYC.  They served a delicious 3 course dinner for us on one floor and then we headed upstairs for some party music.  It was an incredibly fun time!  We hadn't done anything like this in a long time and it didn't end until my little head finally hit the pillow at around 5 am the next morning.  As I said on FB, "U know it was a good night when u wake up & find out there's a fraud protection block on ur acct for unusual activity!!"  
At the Copacabana, my hubby and I are the couple in the bottom left.

CD #21:  Yesterday I got the green light to begin my Lupron injections.  I must admit, the first one was a little scary.  I was fine during the preparation but when it was time to inject the liquid, I stalled about 4 times before actually doing it.  Lucky for me, I have an amazing husband to coach me through the process.  It wasn't nearly as bad as I imagined it'd be, so today's shot went much quicker.  Can you believe that I'm almost excited about taking these injections now, lol?!

Well, now that I'm caught up with the tales of my journey, I can go to bed and rest.  Good night.

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Winter BBQ / CD #8

Last Saturday, my hubby and I hosted a Winter BBQ party at our house.  We can't really take credit for the idea tho, for that we have my hubby's friend to thank.  He convinced us it could be done even in the midst of potential snow flurries.  We quickly called up some friends and prepared for the event.  Luckily the flurries ended very early in the day, almost everyone we called showed up, and my hubby's friend did all the cooking on the grill.  All I had to do was make was a potato salad.  Some of our friends thought the sudden winter BBQ was actually a party to announce my pregnancy. I hated to disappoint them but we're just not there yet. It's funny because they don't know that we're trying and all that we're going through to make it happen, but it's nice to see that our friends are really looking forward to us having a baby. I love them all for always supporting us and wanting the best for us. All in all, the BBQ was a success and everyone had a good time, some a whole lot more than others (had to be there). I can't wait to do it again! Maybe next time there'll actually be some good news to announce.

Friday, February 10, 2012

Psych 101 / CD #6

As part of the IVF checklist, my hubby and I had to have a visit with a psychologist!  We're now racing toward the finish line so we booked the appointment ASAP cuz there's no time to waste.  We were somewhat nervous about the visit because this woman actually has the authority to put the brakes on the whole thing if she feels something is wrong.  Not that we're crazy or anything, at least not all the time, but who doesn't have those moments... right? 

Anyway, as we walked into her office, my confidence grew and I suddenly felt like my psych degree would pay off all at once. There was a reason we were sent here, I just had to find her angle... what was she looking for? After a couple of formalities, I gathered she was most interested in our reaction to questions regarding the possibility of multiples. As far as we're concerned a baby is a blessing and if we happen to get two then we'll consider ourselves twice as lucky! Needless to say we genuinely nailed it and our psych's letter of approval is making its way to Dr. R's office.

Sunday, February 5, 2012

CD #2

My hubby and I are in a good mood today... probably for different reasons.  The day I've been waiting for is finally here, the beginning of my cycle!  Oh, and it's also Super Bowl Sunday today so that's what my hubby has been looking forward to.  I'm feeling good, a little crampy, a little bloated, but most importantly no headaches.  If I calculated correctly, this means that I start my Lupron injections on Feb 25, CD #21.  It seems weird to look forward to taking injections on a daily basis but just the idea of going out into the world with my future baby in my arms is all I need to get my heart pounding with excitement!  Ok, so I'm off to get dressed for the all day Super Bowl event at my mom's house... the hubby's already rushing me to get ready.  He's rooting for the Giants but I've liked the Patriots for a couple of years now even though I don't follow football too much.  I definitely want them to win!  Sorry, babe :-P